Why are you learning French ?


Whatever your industry is ( tourism, , health, tech, customer support…) I will help you reach your goal ! Are you preparing for a professional exam or looking to enhance your career prospects? My classes are designed to equip you with the language skills necessary to excel in the workplace. We will focus on industry-specific vocabulary, business communication, and cultural nuances, ensuring that you can confidently navigate any professional setting.


Perhaps you're a student aiming to improve your academic performance or seeking assistance with language-related coursework. I can provide targeted guidance to help you succeed in your studies. I offer comprehensive language support, covering areas such as grammar, writing, reading comprehension, and oral proficiency.


Are you embarking on a specific project that requires language proficiency? Whether it's a research paper, a presentation, or a creative endeavor, my classes can be customized to address your project's unique requirements. I will help you develop the necessary language skills and provide guidance throughout the process, ensuring that your work is accurate, effective, and impactful.