My name’s Jessica, I was born in Paris and I am an avid traveller, I lived in seven countries in Europe and Latin America. I am very open minded and always interested in learning new things. I have a few years of tutoring experience and I am specialized in tailor made classes for beginner to advanced levels. Whether you need to learn french for work, to travel or to have conversations with french speakers, I will help you reach your goal!
We will start with a free trial session so I can get to know you better and start evaluating your strengths and weaknesses in french, then, depending on your purpose, level, way to assimilate information and personality, I will adapt the classes to your needs and to keep you entertained while getting knowledge. We will expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar, we'll also have conversations about your passions, hobbies and interests or about specific topics, for example : other cultures, music, cinema, news, technologies, alternative therapies, travelling, I can also give you many travelling tips!
I speak fluently english and spanish so I know the difficulties you may meet at the beginning and the importance of being motivated while you learn a new language. My aim is to help you exceed your expectations of improvement and feel confident during the learning process. We will talk a lot, we’ll focus on the pronunciation and I will give you immediate feedbacks.
If you have any question or doubt, feel free to send me a message and to schedule a free trial lesson so we can evaluate your necessities. Looking forward to meeting you, à bientôt !